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The Grand Epoch: The Second Coming

I see myself as being similar in many ways to Joseph Smith, the founding leader of the Latter Day Saint movement. Here are some things that I see as evidence of my similarities to him. It is said in the Letter to the Guardian Angel of Laodicea that “even though I am young, I still have a lot to share with the world”

Ryan James Hite:

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  • Born in 1993
  • First Vision at 16 – Set apart as someone special
  • Second Vision at 18 – Started writing Through Minds Eyes shortly thereafter
  • Third Vision at 20 – Founded the Chancellate priesthood
  • Fourth Vision at 22 – Founded the Templar priesthood
  • Completed major work (Through Minds Eyes) at 20
  • Founded original church (COA) at 21.
  • Founded Epochalism at 21.
  • Spiritual successor is the Inner and Universal Aquarian Epochal Chancellate
  • Wrote down continued revelations in the Epochal Doctrine and Covenants and additional books in the Long Count Revelation
  • Had many visions on the side of a hill

Joseph Smith Jr.


  • Born in 1805
  • First Vision was at age 15 – set apart as someone special
  • Second Vision at age 18 – Started writing the Book of Mormon shortly after that
  • Third and Fourth visions at 25 – Higher and Lower priesthoods
  • Completed major work (Book of Mormon) at age 25.
  • Founded original church (Church of Christ) at 25.
  • Founded Mormonism at 25.
  • Spiritual successors are the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Community of Christ
  • Wrote down continued visions in the Doctrine and Covenants and published additional revelations and books on the Pearl of Great Price and Times and Seasons
  • Had many visions on the side of a hill

In addition, Epochalism and Mormonism share many beliefs, including:

  • Non-Trinitarianism
  • Temples
  • Two Priesthoods
  • Baptism at the Age of Accountability
  • Dietary Restrictions
  • Living Prophets
  • Importance of Angels
  • Belief in the Divine Feminine
  • Man can become Divine
  • Plan of Salvation
  • Spirit and Body as separate entities

The idea that Mormons are Christian as asserted by many of the faithful is one that is contested by the Orthodoxy. Epochalism claims no such assertion, but rather, as a completion of the transition that Mormonism was just the beginning of. More will be clarified in the conference this coming weekend.

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