Diversity in the world is something that is a recent phenomena. Since the beginning of time, we have all lived in tribes where everyone was the same. Even with large empires, groups have largely remained in separate communities. Problems arise when these groups live in the same cities. The different groups of people still live in their communes and there tends to be violence when these cultures clash. I am not advocating for separation, but diversity s many people would like to see it is not the reality that we are living in. It is dangerous when there are people out there who think that we can suddenly get along if we are placed in the same room. Group mentality is very strong with the majority of people in the world.

I have no issues with people of other cultures, but that does not mean that they do not have issues with me. Even if I am not a part of a group, I will still be associated with a group by people of different groups. This is why there is a lot of violence towards certain groups like police officers. A few bad apples seems to have spoiled the whole crop. While diversity is important, there are a lot of issues around it that many do not want to touch upon. These need to be addressed first.

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