Solitary Religion

Spirituality is a solitary thing and it is a thing that is individualized, but religion was never meant to be solitary. Religion is a group thing and it means that we need to be a part of a group. Being a part of a group is the purpose of religion and it is what religion is all about. The purpose of religion seems to have been lost. It is about the community. The community is important in the religious context. This does not mean that we need to have everyone believe in the same religion, but we do need to encourage all of the people of the world to have their own experiences that bring them to the religion that is right for them.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all. Religion is a very fluid institution that requires us to respect the decisions of others and at the same time finding the one that fits with us. Religion is not a solitary thing. It is something that requires us to be very much to be a part of something greater than we are. We are free to express our own spirituality, but we need to be in a group if we are to be religious as well. It is just the way it is designed.

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