A World Without Hate

It would be quite a world to live in one without hate. Unfortunately, the reality is that it will never happen. This is a world that is full of hate and no matter what we do there will be something to talk about that is against the other. Humanity is full of hate and it is because it is all about the survival of the fittest that play a huge role in our nature. As a result, most of humanity lives with fear being the primary motivator for the emotions of life. There are a few of us who are living in love. This plays a big role in the life of the Christs. We seek to have a life like theirs, so we need to act like them.

The only way that we can change the world is through the individual. When the individual changes, we become a good example for those around us. At some point, enough of us will change so that the world itself changes. This has happened many times before in the establishment of new religions. It is something that is happening again and it is something that will happen in the future. With the technology and connectivity that happens today, a change will happen faster than ever before.

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