Post Truth Culture

What we are living in right now is a culture that does not know of the truth and does not care of the truth. This is not something that is new to the world, but the world is changing faster than ever before. We are exposed to many different belief systems and religions today and it is hard to keep up. Many of us assume that none of them are true and we just assume that it is not important. There are a ton of reasons that it is wrong to think that. Where is the happy medium? We are living in a society that is not friendly to this reality, but it is something that we should be striving to change.

There is such a thing as a happy medium. The happy medium is only known by a few people. It is a practical application of beliefs that many of us are taught as kids. We do not need to believe in the stories as truth, but we do need to apply them and understand that we are held to a higher standard because of our position as stewards of the earth and spiritual creatures. This is what we need to understand today as we go into this world for the next day.

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