Goodbye Zionism

Zionism is dead. Most of the people of the world do not care much for the political movement that is disguising itself as a religious call to action. There are some people that still care about the fate of the small country called Israel to fulfill their own interpretation of religious prophecy, but most people understand that it is not something that will happen in the literal sense. In a spiritual sense, the end of the world is coming as well, but this is what the religious philosophies of the world foretold.

We are in the midst of the apocalypse, but it is not a literal one. This is a time of great testing for our spirituality and our souls. There is a three way war going on and we need to take our sides. Many of us are taking the wrong side. The truth is that the divine plan calls for this plan to happen and that only one will win out in the end. Zionism in a physical sense is a farce and it is not something to be involved in, but, on a spiritual level, it is something that we should be actively engaged in with the idea of gaining the knowledge and the wisdom to make a good decision.

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