In the Margins

There are many of us who choose to live our life in the margins of life. While the action is taking place all around us, there are many of us who are concerned with the more mundane things in life. This is expounded by the media that makes these mundane things at the center of all of their entertainment. I think that it is about time that we stop living our lives in the margins and take a good look at the real problems that exist in the world. We should not feel like we have to solve the problems of the world, but if we all work together and bring these issues to light, then people will spur those in power to take the right actions.

We are living in the greatest age in the history of the world. We have so much abundance and knowledge within easy reach. It is something that would make our ancestors proud of our accomplishments. However, not everyone can take part in this and it is something that we need to bring attention to. However, many of us are more concerned about sports and celebrities. It is not your job to change it, but we can all work together to bring it to the attention of the world and maybe something will change to rid the plight.

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