Baby God

Christians believe that God manifested itself in the flesh and started out as a baby before the ministry. The infancy and the childhood of Jesus are very important for our own understanding of life. Like he, we all go through the infancy and the childhood stages. These two stages are very important for us gaining knowledge in the world, but also important stages of gaining wisdom. I myself went through these more innocent stages in life. We all need to go through these stages in life. As a result, we will go through to the most important stages in our spiritual life where we will make decisions that will affect our future.

There are six major stages of life. Three of these stages come before the time of our maturity. This is something that is not widely emphasized in the traditional stories of Jesus. In fact, his entire early life is left out. How are we possibly able to understand the more mature stages of his spirituality if we are not able to even read the less mature stages? We need to read and understand them in order for us to get to where we need to be and to be truly mature spiritual beings.

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