The Drug

We are living in a world that is obsessed with drugs. I am not just taking about tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol, but I am also talking about things as mundane as the latest video or fake news article or the big sensation of our world. Unfortunately, this has come full circle to permeating all parts of our society. There are not a lot of things left that cannot be taken to a whole new level of seriousness. Everything is serious, but it almost seems like it is all a joke. In the process of all the sensation, we lose sight of the things that are truly important.

I think that being engaged in the world is important, but I do think that many people lose sight of the good that lies within all of them. We are living in a world where the right is seen as wrong and the wrong is seen as right. We need to get our priorities straight again and we need to make our society great in the process. Right now, the world is turned on its side and the people in it do not have a good perspective. Everything will be made right as soon as the perspective of the world is set to its natural and pure course of mind.

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