Poverty and Need

It is true that two of the biggest problems in the world today are the poverty and the need that all of us have for the things in the world that are a part of our dreams. This, however, is not just a physical need, but it is a spiritual need as well. There are many people in the world who have spiritual need and they live in spiritual poverty. These are the people who do not know or do not care. The way to this light that is so sought after is through the middle path that all of us are called to individually.

The journey through life is an individual one. Nobody on the face of the earth will have the exact same experiences that you do. The only two things that are the same among all people are the moment of birth and the moment of death. It is what you do in between those moments that matter in the end. Life is not something that you can mess around with. We may get another chance, but we may not. The only life that is guaranteed is this one. We need to make all of the moments that we are presented with count.

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