Faith on Football

No matter where you are at in the world, the word football has an almost religious sense to it. There are a lot of people around the world who cannot wait for the day that the word football comes to the city or to the television. In the United States, football means something else than those in Brazil, but the fanaticism around it is the same. People almost put it into a category of devotion that is compared to the religions that people literally worship through. A lot of faith has been put into the word football and it is something that brings a lot of people a sense of community and hope.

It should not be this way all the time. Football should not be put into the same category as religion because it does not bring a sense of spirituality to the people of the world. There are many people who will object to this, but the purpose of football is not to provide spirituality, but entertainment. The world is full of confusion and it is a worthy cause for us to remember and to be an example of true spirituality throughout the world. That, as opposed to sport, is our true calling… unless you are Tom Brady.

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