When Mercy is Not Enough

Sometimes, we can get to a point where mercy is not enough on its own. It is said that time heals all wounds, but there are some wounds that take a long time to heal and they may not truly be that way. What we need to be able to understand is that there are some problems that we just have to eventually do ourselves. We cannot have the universe do everything for us all the time. The universe can get us to a point where we can take up the helms and we can solve the rest of the problems for ourselves.

There are some times in life where mercy is not enough. It is fine to beg, but we need to prove. That is human nature getting in the way of the endless love and forgiveness of the spirituality. We should not rely o the spirituality of all people, but we do need to give in to some of the sensibilities of the human and worldly things and actually put in the work to gain the forgiveness that we want. Sometimes, the universe will provide nothing but an opportunity to work towards that forgiveness. There is sometimes just not enough you can do mentally. Prove yourself physically and you will win spiritually.

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