Persistent Warren

If there is one thing that Senator Elizabeth Warren has been known for in recent months has been the idea of her bring persistent in the face of a changing government that does not align with her views. She should have known that the majority of people in the new government would have been sick of it eventually. For her, it may not have been what she said, but how she went about saying it. That does not mean that anyone should be subservient at all, but I do think that there may have been a different way of going about it.

We are entering into a government that is controlled by one party in the majority. Of course the people who were appointed initially should not have an issue coming in on the first try. That does not stop the minority party from answering some tough questions and holding them accountable for the mistakes that they may make in office. There is a civilized way of going about it and there are a lot of people who do not like those who criticize everything. Warren would not be up in arms if it was a democratic party in the same circumstances. She, to me, has some good qualities, but she goes about it in a way that I will never agree with.

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