College is Too Liberal

As an individual who graduated from a major public university not too long ago, I can attest that there are some aspects of colleges and universities that are too liberal. I feel that they are so liberal that they lose sight of what the real world is like. The world is not some giant liberal college campus. One will not find the peace and tolerance that is found on these campuses. At the same time, other groups, especially conservatives, are deemed not welcome on these largely liberal campuses. A truly tolerant society will welcome all groups of people. This is why I believe that campuses are too liberal. They do not like those that do not agree with their views.

I am starting to see a small change among the group of people that I associated myself with over the years. I am not here to say that being a liberal is bad, but I think that people with all sorts of views at all times of their life should have their voices heard and accepted. College campuses have been friendly to many groups of people at the expense of making other groups feel more comfortable. What will come of these people after they leave college?

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