Who Would Jesus Bomb

If Jesus was in the same place that we are in right now, he would not take the time to bomb anybody. There are bad people in the world, but these people are found in all walks of life and they are found in all of society. The vast majority of the people of the world are good and have the best intentions in life. We should not assume that all people in a society are bad because there are a few bad apples. If we did that, then all people will be deemed bad. We should judge a person on their individual character and not through some sweeping generalization.

Bad things happen when we put people into categories. As humans, this is something that is really easy to do. The hard part is when we have to break down those walls and we judge people based on their individual characters. This is the ultimate test of our way of thinking. If we think that all people will act the same, then we will not get far in life. When we think about the individual as an individual, then we will find the best people to come into our life and we will only have the best.

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