Support Marriage

In the midst of all the divorce and infidelity that we see in the world today, there are many people who will not support marriage of any people who truly support and love one another. There are people who think that gay marriage is ruining the sanctity of marriage. What the Christs do not like are the marriages that end and are full of infidelity. The Christs hate divorce and cheating in marriage over everything in the world. We need to stand out in the world and support marriage above all else. It is a stable marriage that will make a stable family and it is a stable family that will create a stable world.

There are not a lot of people who think that marriage even matters anymore. Marriage is something that matters more than ever. If we can demonstrate to the world a commitment of love that is not matched, then we can bring about a stable example to the people of the world. We are the world that we create. When we create stable family units, then we can come together to bring about a stable world. That is something that should be emphasized above all else.

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