The Goals of Life

Do you have a lot of goals in your life? There are a lot of people that live their life day by day and they do not have a lot going for them. We may be animals and we may be human, but we have the unique capacity to see life for more than it is and we can also have a destiny to be something more than we are now. There are very few people that will even get so far as to think about this goal. There are even less still that will achieve some of these goals that they have for their life. When we are thinking about life, we need to reach ever higher.

One of the best visuals that I like to use is the vision board. My vision board has pictures, goals, and even things as simple as the name of my future wife. If you write these things down and you see them day in and day out, you will one day get to those goals. This is something that I believe will happen and it is something that I wish more people would be able to do. When you see these things, you will affirm your life goals to yourself on a daily basis.

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