Church vs State

One of the biggest themes of many of the Founding Fathers of the United States has been the separation of Church and State. While it is not perfect, the separation of Church and State tends to be the best for both institutions. In an increasingly globalized world, we are living with a lot of different religions and a lot of different personal beliefs. When government is separate from religions, religions tend to thrive and people can discover their own spirituality. At the same token, those in power can do what is best for the people and the laws of the land will not be bound by religion.

Just because the institutions of Church and State are separate does not mean that one in power cannot be influenced by their personal beliefs. We need to understand the individual and how much their beliefs influence them. We need to encourage them to vote with their conscience, but also help them to understand that they are acting on behalf of a lot of people and that they should take the time to listen to all sides of the issue. This is the challenge that we are facing today. Are the political leaders listening to the people that they should be watching out for?

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