The Fountainhead

There is one thing that is worse than the figurehead, and that is something that is called the fountainhead. The fountainhead is seen by people who blindly believe in them as true and all of their words will not be challenged. They are called fountainheads because of their place as the person that claims to have all truth about the world. We should not believe all of these people that have these claims. These are hard claims to have in the place of the world. However, for the majority of people, it seems to be something that is almost easier for them to believe.

We should take these claims to the truth with a very large grain of salt. While they may have our best interests in mind, we need to be wary of the things that they say and we do not need to be in a position where they are in the advantage over us. We should not have them in this position at all. We need to be in a good place and that is not being at the mercy of the thoughts of another person. Do not be afraid of the people of the world that will not have your best interests. Be afraid of those that you do not know that claim to have them for you.

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