Traces of Religion

All people will have what I call traces of religion in life even if they do not have any religious affiliation at all. What many people think will be a trace of religion is actually the source of spirituality. There are some things that we can understand and there are some things that are obvious with a simple natural observation of the world and the way that life is in relation to us. Epochalism seeks to get all people to the source of that spirituality and to find the trace of religion of all people. It is not a religion unto itself unless you want to make it into something more.

To many people, they want to make what they believe the source into something more. This has caused a lot of doctors and philosophers to create entire belief systems out of their beliefs. It gets ever more complex as time goes on, but there is always an underlying truth that seems pretty obvious to many. This is something that has been passed down through the generations and through the ages and it is something that is true to this day. We need to take a part in it by discovery and by being an example.

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