I am Milo (Yiannopoulos)

Conservative icons continue to gain a lot of attention following the historic election. There are a lot of people talking about author and speaker Milo Yiannopoulos. He has gained a large amount of fame for bringing to light the conservative backlash to what they call a nation of political correctness. Some of his comments and appearances have not always resulted in good publicity, but this person who was unknown until very recently has made himself into a household name. This is something that I expect to continue as the conservative government in power continues to make headway with their agenda.

Milo is making himself known at a time when we as a nation are more divided than ever. It seems like the mainstream media loves to bring about people who will bring division, but what about the leaders who bring unity? These people are not emphasized as much because they do not bring in the ratings. If you are sick of hearing about all those who are dividing the nation, just remember that there are people who are trying to bring about unity as well. Before this unity is to be the focus of our civilization, we need to be more divided than ever.

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