Nones, Dones, and Religiousless

There are a lot of people who claim to be of a certain religion on the census or on the outside or whatever, but they are having a real crisis of faith on the inside. They will, in private conversation with strangers, probably identify themselves with nones, dones, or religiousless. They have lost all of the allure of religion, but they are longing for something. We should not, as a society, try to equate spirituality with religion too much. They are two very different things and is is something that a lot of people would like. We should not judge people based on their religion, but on their spirituality. That means that we will see all of the good in the good people and all of the bad in the bad people.

When we look at religion, we see a lot of people using the good that religion brings to their advantage so that they can go about doing bad. At the same time, they call out people as bad simply because of their religion. That is why we should place more of our focus of character on those who express spirituality and not just based on what religion they happen to follow. We should follow this in our lives as well and not be afraid to express our true spirituality.

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