Preachers and Prostitutes

There is a large difference in callings that have been established throughout the world. It is not a matter of being forced to do so in this day and age, but it is about making a choice. Anybody can be a real estate agent, for example, but they must be set apart through licensing and education. This is the same for most professions. For the most part, some specialized education and licensing is required, but it is not limited to the people who choose to pursue it. However, there are a few professions that are still like that and that is something that should change.

The priesthood in many religious institutions is sill regulated by gender. This is something that should be phased out. It is not about the sex or marital status of a person, but it is about the desire of the person to learn and to be able to pass all of the licensing to get to that point. It is also about where their mindset is. There are a lot of things in life that are about attitude and perspective. We can all achieve our dreams in life. But those dreams will change and evolve as we change and evolve.

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