Climate Change

As of today, the United States is starting the process of pulling out of the Paris Accords. It is the first country to do so willingly because of political differences. The other two countries are either at war or they do not believe that it is something that goes far enough. However, it will take a number of years for the agreement to be final. There are a lot of people who are up in arms on both sides thinking that it is a sure thing. What people fail to understand is that we all have the power to change the world and that there are many sides to all stories.

There are a lot of people that will fail to understand the other side. Even if the other side is not right with their facts, they need to be educated on their own accord. The way to changing the world is changing through the individual. We cannot convince another to change their ways so easily. We all need to come to these conclusions on our own and we all need to make decisions despite what other people will say or do. Even these people will come to the light in their own time and circumstances.

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