The Power of the Spirit

The spirit can be used in our life to what we would like it to do. There are some people who will use it for purposes that are not good. These will be judged individually on the earth as well as in the heavens. We need to live in a world where there are more people using the power of the spirit for good and for good intentions. This is what the Epochalist way is trying to get to. We all need to understand that the spirit has a lot of power and that we can use it how we need to in order to get the results that we want.

There are a lot of people that do not use the spirit at all. These are the people that we are trying to reach out to in order to change the world. Even the people of evil understand how to use the spirit, even if they are not doing it for good. It is hard to convert these people. It is easier to make more people in the middle use the spirit in a good way. This is the understanding that we all need to get to. When all of us are good, even the evil ones will be good.

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