The Terrorism Narrative

There is a narrative that has been going for most of this millennium now and it is something that is taking a new twist as we are speaking. What I am saying is that terrorism in general seems to be normalizing in our society. It is still a bad thing, but it has become so common now that we have just gotten used to the idea of it happening. It does not change the fact that it does have far reaching effects. What is the media saying by making us aware of all of these situations? They must wither be getting us used to the idea so that more attacks can continue or they can be bringing something to our light.

The point of terrorism is for it to kill as many people as possible and to make it unexpected. This is something that has become as common to us as shootings in schools. I do not like it when it happens, but it is an unfortunate reality of our world. However, the media coverage is not making the situation better. In fact, it may be worse. There are groups out there that will be taking advantage of what the media is covering. We should not make this reality the new normal for us.

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