One of the most dangerous things that we can have is a longing for the things of the past. It is fine to think about the memories of the past, but the past is something that we will not get back to in a physical form. In a spiritual form, we can return to the way that things were. There are a lot of people that are thinking circularly in the physical and lineraly in the spiritual, however, we need to think about the physical in a linear fashion and the spiritual in a cyclical fashion.

In the coming of the new age, there are not any new ideas that are formed. There are just new ways of thinking about the older teachings because of the physical aspects of the world constantly changing. It is fine to think about the spiritual memories, but the idea that we can go backwards in any form is something that will just not happen. It is dangerous when you can convince people that you can go back in time and they long for it at all levels of society. There are a lot of people in the world that desire for things to be in the past and better, but the past is not always the best. What we can do is to make our future brighter than the past ever seems to be.

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