Fighting Words

Fighting words is not free speech. Free speech is only free when it does not actively put down other people in a personal manner. It is fine to express opinions, but it is not fine to express opinions in front of other people at the expense of the rights of others. The line between free speech and fighting words is a grey and blurry area and it is impossible to enforce certain words in certain contexts as a result. All over the country, the free speech rights of people seem to be challenged by those who would like to see a world where everyone is living in harmony.

I do not care if there are certain opinions that people have against others, no matter how wrong they are. However, if that same person goes out of their way to personally attack someone, then I will stand with the oppressed. We cannot change the opinions of other people. They must come to those same conclusions on their own. All we can do is to be the best person that we can be and to educate those around us to the good of the world. It is hard, sometimes, to have a society that is pluralistic and a haven for free speech. However, I do not want to give up hope that we can all have our own voices heard.

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