There is an increasing sense in the world that we are losing our sense of normalcy. By what standard do we see normal? Where is the line of normalcy? We are not in a sense of normalcy because normalcy is not a standard that has ever existed. Instead of looking for things to be back to normal, we need to look to our reality and make the most of the reality that we have. If you do not like something that is happening in this reality, then you should set out to change it. There is no way to go back, but there is a way to go forward.

We have the power to shape our reality. We can all make the most of the situation that we are in by being active in our reality and not just passive. There are many people in the world that dwell on the past and wishes things could just go back to the way that it was. This is not possible. If you want something to start, think about it as something that will start again. Even if a friend comes back or an event comes full circle, the moments will not be the same. This is the new normal that will go away in the next moment to a new one.

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