There are a lot of things that people get wrong about religious holidays. These holidays stay in place throughout the history of the world no matter what religion. Christmas is a good example. It is actually based off an older festival that celebrates the sun god and not something that has taken hold in the churches throughout history. A lot of the customs that we have surrounding all of the holidays have roots that have nothing to do with the religion that we claim to follow.

The feast of pentecost, which is the traditional founding of the ancient church and the harvesting of a thousand souls is actually connected to the traditional feast of the harvest in Judaism, which falls around the same time. Taking place about 50 days after Easter, the number 50 also has meaning in the context of Judaism. Whether this is a historical event is up for a lot of debate. A lot of changes have been made throughout the thousands of years in oral and written form. The point is that there are a lot of things that we do not understand the meaning of if we take it as face value. If we really look into it, it will almost not matter if the event actually happens or not. There is still a great amount of meaning to it.

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