Our Father

We all have a misconception of the idea of God. All of us have been taking something that is as big and as complex as the idea of God and taking it into something that we are able to understand. This is a practice that continues to this day. We all take the idea of God into a form of flesh and blood in many cases. The reality is not so clear. We are not sure what or who God is, but what we do know is that we have taken this idea and we brought it down to a level that we are able to understand.

We can say that God created us in his image. However, we have also created God in our image and our likeness. This is something that the divine has not been happy about for the longest of times. We need to be able to think of God and the divine in a new way. As a result, we can then bring ourselves into a higher plane and we can think of ourselves as something that is more than human. Many of us are ready for it, but can we take something like this?


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