Spiritless Death

There has been a lot that has been lost on the religions of the world today. They have lost sight of the spirit of truth that brings people to practice them in the first place. They have been involved in the things of the world for too long and they have told people what they need to do to be happy for too long. It is time that this way of thinking and the religions that do not confide to these precepts should not be allowed either.

The biggest religions in the world are that way because they have been able to adapt. The Catholic Church, for example, has adapted itself to the cultures around the world without having to get rid of the core of what it is. There are a lot of smaller religions in the world today that do not have this type of thinking and they will want all of the people of the world to change according to their religion. That is why some religions are big and others are small. We need to start thinking in terms of the big religion. We should not get rid of who we are in the core, but we also need to understand that adaptation is important to survive.

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