The End of Critique

There is a sense that complacency is becoming the norm in the world today. Critical thinking is starting to be something that is a thing of the past. On both sides, there seems to be less and less room for diverging opinions. We are forced, therefore, to go to the extremes. There needs to be a sense of acceptance of opinions that are not reflective of the situation at hand. There is no such thing as black and white or right and wrong. The world is full of gray areas that allow for people to meet somewhere in the middle. That is where we need to think and need to meet.

There is also a lot of bias in the world today. Someone can be failed if they bring about a term that is in opposition to those who are opposing them. That is why there seems to be a narrow view of the world. The world is not open to new ideas and new interpretations of those ideas. We need to be able to be more creative. We need to allow ourselves to express ourselves in a new way. This will allow a lot of us to be fulfilled in a lot of aspects of life.

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