Silence in Love

The good things in life are not said or talked about all that often. Why? We should, as a society, think about and talk about the good that people do in the world. This is usually seen in news outlets that are more underground in nature. Since this is not seen by the majority of people, it is not talked about. We are living in a world that espouses the wrong people and the wrong actions. We should focus on the people making a difference and the right actions that these people take in the world to empower others.

Acts of love and living your life with that mindset will not always bring you into the spotlight. That is not the point. We should be doing it, not for our gain, but for the gain of those around us. Empowering others is empowering to those who seek to empower others. We should all seek to have this kind of fame and fortune. It is not about what we can gain in the world. Gain to the world is devaluing to humanity who seek a path of spirituality. Love and empowerment is best seen in the silence of our minds and the small actions that we can take to make life better for another.

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