When it comes to Epochalism, the basis by which we see the divine is through the lens of Deism. Deism is a belief in the divine through the observance of nature. In nature, we see the power of the divine and the divine plan at work. At the same time, we do not attempt to even define God, which is why we call it by the neuter gender, among a lot of other things. This is a belief that is shared among a lot of other Deists. We go as far as to say that we do not know what the nature of God is. We believe that it is, at its core, something that is more akin to an idea.

The idea and the reality of something being more than what we know is something that will continue with us forever. What we do not know about is something that religion has had their own ideas on for hundreds and even thousands of years. We should not let these differences define who we are and what we mean to those around us. When it all comes down to it, we should shed our own skin and get to the core of what we are.

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