Spiritual Direction in This World

We are living in a world that is full of transition. In this transition, there are many people who claim to have the right path that will lead to the truth and this will come about as a result of the adoption of many different worldviews. However, we need to find something that will conform to our own ideas of the way that the world is and should be. That is the direction that we need to go down. It is not something that can be found out there. It is something that can be found in you.

This is something that no single religion can satisfy for all of the people of the world. The human covenant reminds us that we need to go down our own path to the truth and that path will be found in the path that we take through our life. There is no way around it. Life will take us where we want and need to go, but we need to be able to accept our circumstances, hope for the future, and will lead us to the end. We should take the time to meditate on the things of life and to make sure that we are always going down the right path that will lead us to our truth.

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