Enduring Well

There is a lot to endure in the world. The world is not an easy place to get along with all people and not all people will follow you on the path to this light.

Today is the anniversary of the fourth vision along with the Feast Days of two of the Guardian Angels. These two are no longer in my life and they did not want to take this journey with me. It is fine. They have been important to me in the past when they crossed my path and they taught me a piece of the knowledge that I have today. It is not intended to have all of the people that cross your path to remain in your life forever.

Even though the friends that come and go throughout your life are important for a time, you should always have your focus on one individual and that is you. You are at the center of your life and you are also the only constant that will remain. When you are at the center, you need to be able to constantly develop yourself into the best version of yourself.

Do not rely on your friends constantly to make sure that you are the best version of yourself. Even those friends that have been in your life a long time can leave your life tomorrow. There are not a lot of constants in your life. In your universe and from your perspective, you are the only person and thing that is constant.

Personal development should be at the center of your life. If you neglect yourself, then you will deny yourself and you will not have the best life that you can. You should do all of the things that make you happy. This is not to say that you should not look at other people as an important thing.

You are a small part of what is a large society. This society that you are a part of should play a role in who you are and who you are to become. It will influence the path that you go down. That means that you should do your best to endure through the good and the bad times.

The good times in life and the bad times in life are tests for you. You should learn all that you can so that you can become a better person. The decisions that you make for the benefit of your life will influence how the world around you reacts. Your friends are one of the biggest parts of your life and are a big influence in the universe around you.

In conclusion, your life should not be defined by your friends. It is a constant baton that is being passed. Define your life on the things that you learn. That will make you into a better person and it will give you a foundation that will make anyone proud. Your friends and your environment will be the impetus and you need to work within those confines to make the best version of the constant in your life and that is going to be you.

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