Of One Heart

One of the goals of humanity is to strive to bring happiness to all those they encounter. One of the hardest things that humans can do is to bring happiness to those outside of our family. The molding of two hearts that were separate into one heart is the hallmark of what marriage has been. As an individual, we all need to show this type of selfless love to all of the people of the world. Love is the emotion that we should have to all of the people of the world and all of the things, even if they do not show that love towards us. We cannot go through this life with a sense of fear.

The Christs showed this love to all of the people of the world. No matter how their life came to be and no matter how bad the world was to them, we always need to show love. We are not perfect and we will fall, but we do need to fulfill our purpose as humanity.

The world and all of history has shown us that we are somehow better than other humans based on some defining feature. The reality is that we are the same physically and we all have the same base desires. We desire to do good, to do no harm to others, and to always be on the search for the highest truth. Those who think otherwise have something wrong with them. We need to find love in that and all of those things can be fulfilled if we give and we receive love.

Charity is the base of all of the virtues in the world. Charity is the selfless act of love. Charity is the source of all the virtues that we can come to understand. When we give love to others, we can start to begin to understand the love that we have for ourselves. When we have the love for ourselves and we give to ourselves in a way that demonstrates humility, we will begin to notice charity in a whole new light.

We need to be of one heart. We should treat all people with the same love that we give to our spouse, albeit we show it in a different way.


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