Joy in the Face of Death

There seems to be a lot of things that will bring us to the brink of what we think that we are made of. Whether it is a physical, a spiritual, or an emotional challenge, it can be something that will change the very nature of our life. We will encounter some things that will fundamentally change who we are. There are some things that will change so much that we will not be the same person. In all of the trials that we face in our life, we will find some lesson that will fundamentally change our outlook. That is how we can find some of the good in the face of all the bad that seems to come from the trials. In the end, the only thing that matters is the good. We will forget the bad.

There is not a single person that is immune from the trials of the world. The Christs are some of the people that faced the toughest of trials. They do not forget them, but they do not mention them other than the lessons that are learned. To them, it is not about the event itself, but it is about what can be learned from the event. That has not been our calling card. People tend to put too much focus on the events at the expense of the lessons that can be learned.

We need to place focus back on the lessons. It is the lessons that we carry with us forever and it is the lessons that we pass on to our posterity. The events and the people are important and they should not be discounted. However, it is the lessons that people other than you will pick up on the most. People will not have the same events that you have and they will not have the same people influencing them as you, but they will learn a lot of the same lessons. That is how we should teach and that is how we should gather wisdom.


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