Defending the Faith

We should always be ready to defend the things that we believe in. We should not be afraid to defend ourselves in the face of all that which opposes us. However, this is not something that is new. The face of the new has always had to face the things of the old and they always had to defend this. The biggest opposition comes from the people who would want to maintain the status quo. If we do not believe in the status quo, there should be no reason as to why we should fight to maintain it. We should always face the truth and we should not face against it. It will only delay the inevitable and not stop it.

What we are seeing today is the beginnings of the dissolution of the old and the infancy and the rising of the new. In a context of religion we are seeing this as well. There are a few major religions in the world today and they are in conflict with one another around the world for the souls of the people. However, there is also a force of people that do not believe in religion at all. The real battle that will be waged in the future will be between those that do not know and those that do not care. This is something that has happened in the past.

In the past, there was also a third party. There was a small group of people that did know and did care. These are the people who are rising in the world today. There are a lot of people who do know and do care if you care to look at it. As one who is a part of this small third party, we should know that there is a reason that there is opposition. We should be ready to defend our position because it is the one that we think is right. Even though you stand with a small minority does not mean that you have to feel like you stand alone in the world. If there is one person that agrees with you, that should indicate that there is nothing that should stop you.


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