Measure Myself

On the journey of life that we are on, there is one thing that is constant, and that is us. We are the only thing in our life that will remain from the time that we are born to the time that we die. It is something that becomes apparent to us and it is what we need to work on first in order to change the lives of those around us and to attract people to us. We are all bringing to our life some measure of ourselves. We are not perfect, but we should not hold ourselves to impossible standards. There are a lot of things that we can use to measure ourselves.

We tend to measure ourselves in two ways. We look at the quantitative, of the things that we can measure to an absolute, and there are the qualitative things, which are the things that bring in the element of quality to the work that we do. We can think that we are not doing well, even though our numbers show otherwise. On the other hand, we can look and think that we are doing a great job even though the numbers are dismal. It is something that we constantly grapple with.

In this day and age, we tend to measure ourselves in a quantitative fashion. We have a limited amount of time and a limited amount of money and everything that we look at will have an impact on our time and our money. On the other hand, those who are spiritual look at the qualitative. They do not look at the numbers of followers that they have, but they look at the impact that they had on the people that chose to stay behind.

There are, of course, many other examples. There are a lot of good people that do not attract a lot of people, but they are some of the most satisfied in life. Why is that? They realized and we should realize that life is not about the numbers, but it is about the quality that we bring and the things that we contribute to the world. It will also help us to be fulfilled in new ways as well.

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