The Beacon of Light

There has been a lot of talk in the world of the Epochalist movement about the city of the light. It is something that dwells in the wilderness of the world. It is something that we should look up to, but it is not anything that is above the world. In the end, there is nothing that will prevent us from the judgment of the divine plan. We are judged on the earth for the things that we have done in life and the things that we do to one another. It is an entirely different judgment from the one that is done in the heavens. That is something that is seen as more perfect.

What shall we do in order to ger to that city of the light? We need to be an example of the city and a citizen of the light for all of the people throughout the world. We need to look to the examples that are around us, such as the leaders, the prophets, and the Christs, and we should apply the teachings that they have driven to us to all of the people of the world. We should be an example to all those around us.

That is something that we should look to all of the days of our life. We are not perfect by ourselves. We need to look to the guidance of those that have come before us. However, if we work to be like those people, then we will become more perfect and we can be a good example to those who might look to us for guidance. The Epochalist movement is all about empowering the individual to make an impact on those around them. We cannot change the world as an individual without the help of another person.

We are called to make an impact. The impact can be felt with what we believe in and what we pass on to our children and to those around us. Always seek to be the best example that you can be with the short time that you have on the earth. It will make it all worth it in the end.

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