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Being Perfect Eventually

We should all strive to be perfect eventually. We are not going to achieve this goal in our life. In fact, none of us will be. The only way to be completely perfect is to find that balance between humanity and spirituality and to be able to make it accessible to a lot of the people of the world. We want to make it repeatable. This is something that none of us will be able to achieve. The only thing that will be perfect is the divine plan. It is something that has been perfect from the beginning and it will be perfect until the very end.

The divine plan does not call for us to attain that state of perfection as a species. We have been destined to fail from the beginning. This is something that has been a part of the plan from the very beginning. That does not mean that we should stop. It is one of our purposes in life to be able to advance our own species to be better than it was in the past. The answering of some questions will bring about more questions. We will not answer more questions. We will just bring about more. However, that will allow those that come after us the opportunity to answer them.

There are a lot of people in the world today that do not contribute a lot to their life. They are also the ones that think that they need to be perfect. That places them under a lot of pressure. When we are in a position to help ourselves, we can better enable ourselves to help those around us. On the other hand, we will be in a position to help those around us when we help ourselves. There are a lot of people that focus too much on one thing or the other thing. We should look at helping ourselves and others in a good balance. That is how we can be a little more perfect.

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