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We should do all that we can to do good in the world. It is one of the things that we are called to do in the world as humans. There are many people who will not only fall short on accident, but they will even fall short on purpose. There are a lot of people in the world that will do ill towards others on purpose. We should not live our life with those things in mind. We should make sure to do the good things on purpose. Even if we feel that it is not something that is deserved, it is something that we need to do in order to live in a manner that is like the Christs.

The Christs were not perfect. They appeared to be perfect because they have faced many of the same things in the world that most of us have, but they dealt with those things in a way that many of us will not expect to. We have not thought about these things and we will react as most animalistic beings should and could. However, we should react in the spiritual realm. We should react to these things in a manner that the Christs did.

The Christs taught us how to deal with many of the normal things that we encounter in life. We should not react as the world will react to it. We should stand out in the way that we deal with the problems that plague us all. We should be in the mindset to do what is good. This is something that is different from doing no wrong. We should do all that we can to be an example by not doing the things that other people will do. It is a different story than doing the things that were exemplified by the Christs. That is why the Canons are important to us and to all those around us.


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