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Yearning for Home

As spiritual people, we have a yearning for the things of the heavens. We do not have the most perfect lives in the world and we have to work with the cards that are dealt to us. We need to make the most of the things that we have and we need to constantly work to have more opportunities. There are a lot of people who yearn for a heavenly existence. They pretend that the bad things of the world do not exist and they pretend that they do not happen to them. However, the things of the world will affect us no matter what and they will affect us for the rest of our life.

When it comes to Epochalism, the most important thing that we need to focus on is the journey to get us to the home that we seek. There are a lot of people that do not want to put in the work. They just want to get to the heavenly home. They will be disappointed when they do not see that come into being. We need to work a lot on the journey to get there and we need to constantly defend the position that we take.

We all want to have a better life. This life will not come as a result of us doing nothing. We need to do something to get us to a better life. That is a process that is both internal and external and it is something that will take us to the end of our physical life. There is always something that we need to improve. There is not a perfect path that works for everyone. There are only two moments that all of us share in common. We need to look at our life in the way that it is and we also need to look at it as we would want it to be.

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