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There are a lot of people who only see the world for what it is. However, there is often a lot more to the world than what we are able to see. We can get to a place in life where we can see the world in many different ways. Until that time, however, we can continue to learn to improve ourselves and our situation in life. The world is not meant to be seen through the set of eyes that are physical. They are also meant to be seen in the spiritual realm. That goes in line with the natures that we are to possess while on the earth. Our goal is to have the nature that we do not possess at birth, which is something that also requires some sort of balance.

The Christs knew about the world that is in our world, but also beyond our world. It is a world that most people are not able to see and make the choice not to see. The Christs took many of us to a world that is not normally seen and we are also able to see the perspective of those who are not able to see that world. Most of us are only concerned with the world around us and we give no time to see and to understand the world that we do not see.

All of us are born into a world that is disconnected in some way. Those who are in America are not able to see those in Africa and those who are rich do not see a lot of the world that is poor. While they may be close to one another in proximity, they may as well be in totally different worlds. We should learn to reach across worlds and to have a broader perspective.

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