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Family and Foundation

The foundation of a strong society is the family. The family unit will not survive without the support of society and society cannot function without the support of the family unit. We have seen the result of having broken families and broken societies. It is about time that we do something about it. The most powerful testimony of a strong family and society is ones who lead by example. As such, there are a lot of people that strive to be a part of these communities. That also means that they need to conform to the society that they are in.

The society that we are in today is broken. There are a lot of things that are not acceptable that are deemed okay today. The Christs talked about the breakdown of society and of all the things that are wrong with it. They also talked about the virtues that are necessary to create a strong society. There are a lot of people in the world that are broken. We cannot create a strong society with broken people. We should first focus on first strengthening the individual people and that will implement the roots of a strong society. A strong society is built on the foundation of the strongest of them all.

We are in a place today where the strong people are not the ones who are in control. Those who are the strongest are the ones that are not in the limelight. They are the ones behind the scenes. They are the ones that we do not see and the ones that we cannot talk to. We need to bring up more strong people to build a strong foundation. That strong foundation will create strong walls and that will create a strong home that we can all live in. We are a part of a living building and that consists of a lot of people working together for the good of the whole house.

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