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Where is the Treasure?

There are a lot of people who are seeking the treasure. The treasure is something that they think will be something that is physical. The treasure of those who are a part of the Epochal Movement are the things of the spiritual. There are a lot of people in the world that do not see and even recognize the treasure. It is not something that we will attain while we are on the earth. It is only something that we can have while we are in the heavens. We should place our focus on these things as they are some of the most important ones that we can have.

There are many people who are searching for the treasure. The treasure is something that is not physical. It is something that will come to our life while we are in the most vulnerable of situations. The Christs discovered these things while they were in the deserts and in the place of being the most vulnerable. We should not be in a place of being vulnerable. We should be in a place of empowerment. We should use the lowest times of our life to think in the strongest of terms. It is something that the Christs have taught throughout our history and it is something that will continue to be important to the end of time.

We should think and act in terms of the Christs by whom we create our examples. The examples of the Christs extend to the times when they almost gave in to the things of the world. It is something that we should take with great caution. We should not have  to give in to the things of the world. When we are at the weakest, we should not give up and move down. We should instead buckle down and move forward with a new zeal for the treasures that are good.

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