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Into the River

There are a lot of people in the world that are just looking to go into the river. They want to be like the other people and they want to be loved by people that are around them. This has nothing to do with our desires, but the desire to be accepted among our peers is one of the deepest of desires that we have. There is a problem with all of that. We should do something because it is something that we ultimately want to do. We should not do it because other people tell us to do it.

The Christs talked about going into the river that leads to life. It is a part of the process of purification. We all need and should desire to be new people. However, they warned that we should not do it because other people encourage us to do so. We should do it because it is something that we know will improve our life. We do not need to follow other people or to impress other people in order to gain acceptance. We should gain acceptance based on who we are as people. However, they have also warned us about associating with the wrong crowd. You attract what you are.

How can we change our ways to the path to the light while being authentic about it? It all starts with the individual. We need to go through an individual change so that we can change the world around us and the people that are a part of our life. We should go into the river for the right reasons. We should not have to go into the river because of our friends and because of the people around us. If we do not want to do it, then we should not do it for the sake of anything else.

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