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The Mood of Happiness

There are a lot of people in the world that are not in a good place. They base all of their life on the idea of fear. The Christs saw this in their day and age and the religions that they saw were much in the same way. They based their religion and spirituality on the fear of the divine plan, which they had a limited understanding of. This is much the same today. There are a lot of people living in fear and the religions that they follow are in fear as well. This is more prevalent with the religious infighting going on today.

We need to adopt a better way of living. The Christs taught us about the path of love. The beginning of love is the introduction and application of the virtues and then living out those virtues in the context of our life. This is something that has been and continues to be reinforced by the prophets. The divine plan has been in place from the beginning and it is built on the idea of love. We should begin to understand that love is the driving force of all the good things in the world. The reason that many people are unhappy with their current situation in life is because they do not live in love, but in fear.

How do we change our life into a happy one? It all begins with the self. When we are happy internally, it will manifest itself in the realm of the physical and rub off to those around us. We will then be attracted to the people that are happy. It is something that many people strive for in a variety of ways. It is time that we manifest that happiness. It can come very easily into our life as long as we make the choice to change.

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